Drone aerial for construction Scotland

The benefits of drone aerial progress sets for the construction industry is huge.

- Provides stakeholders with regular visual updates of work

- Allows a historic record of work at different stages

- Allows those offsite to visually check the site at each interval for potential safety issues, and rectify them before the works goes further.

Scottish quarry ortho mosaic


The ability for those offsite to see, from the air, the construction site at different intervals is invaluable, and in many cases a requirement.

Drone Media Scotland has the expertise to do the following:

  • Create an entire vertical ortho rectified drone aerial image covering an entire site, in one visit
  • Also in the same visit, an orbital fly around will be created

Extras in addition to the fixed price package:

  • 3D Photogrammetry service. We will utilise our high resolution drones to create a 3D model covering the entire working site. A 3d model can be rotated, zoomed and panned to allow an all over, complete view of the site, from the comfort of any computer, anywhere in the world.
  • An exported model in the form of OBJ or MTL to allow your developers to minipulate the output file and use in in your own company systems.

We can cover any site, weather dependent, in any Scottish location, including the Scottish islands. In addition to our fixed rate, the client will be responsible for booking accommodation and travel, or advancing these costs (Existing / repeatclients are billed afterward).

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