The staff at Drone Media Scotland are SVQ trained in customer service, and are experienced in dealing on behalf of insurance companies to do the following:

We can visit any door in Scotland to speak with householders to check and verify any details for insurance purposes, we can collect all details of householders, speak with neighbours and take photographs to record vehicles (And vehicle damage).

We have previously undertaken tasks on behalf of clients such as RSA Mobility, Covea Insurance, The Cotswold Group, Prism Network, Home Repair Network and more.

We are police checked, and always carry out tasks with accuracy and discretion.

We can undertake the following:

  • Visit homes on behalf of insurers and photograph vehicles that have been damaged, take mileage, and speak with householders to take details.
  • Visit homes where the householder has left the site of an accident without permission, speak with them, speak with their neighbours and photograph any vehicle damage.
  • Visit vehicle recovery firms where clients cars have been delivered after breaking down or having been involved in an accident and photograph the vehicle, record the mileage and report this back to the insurer.
  • Visit the sites of accidents, record all details, provoide drawings and information to back you up.

Visits are covered on a fixed price basis, repeat visit pricing can be discussed.

Please contact us to set up a one off visit or to add us to your list of approved photographers and contractors.